Thursday, July 6, 2006

....and then there was more!

Well yesterday we have two drops of rain, I am exaggerating, there were about three!

Since  Mother fell on the third, I have been so cautious about leaving her any length of time, and she has decided that walking a distance to get the newspaper each morning in the dark ( she doesn't see well in the day time) at 3 in the morning probably isn't the wisest thing to do.


 She said she would let me do it.... and I informed her that if I fell because of a rock or stone, or stepped in a hole, just who would come looking for me? I would wait till the sun came up! lol

Nothing new is happening, we got a call a few minutes after 8 yesterday.  It was a doctor asking if we could move our appointment from 12:30 to 8:30 that morning.  A doctor we had never heard of, had no notice of an appointment, and referred from a doctor we did not know.  Oh well, it was a referral from Jack's doctor but a bit of a mix up.  Of course this doctor is  almost an hour and a half away at a hospital we don't know where it, and he is a heart surgeon?  That was taken care of also!

While on the phone with the doctor's nurse I asked about a prescription that did not seem correct, she checked and the pharmacy had given us the wrong meds.  I  had to drive to the next town, about 12 miles away and ask the pharmac to check his records and yeah he had made a mistake, now I have to go back when he gets a shipment in and pick up the right stuff!  This this the third mistake.....and since we live on the prarie should I be concerned?

Therapist and nurse both arrive today and I am going to let them take care of the wound dressing.  We received the lower leg wraps this week and with those came the new compression stockings.  We were in need of these expensive items( about $550) and not sure if we get any help on the cost.  But so worth the cost when they do the job.

I am covered with these bumps caused by Oklahoma wild things that fly and bite.  Not sure which of the wild things it is that is chewing on me so.  I have encountered the yellow-jacket, hornet, or dirt dobber, or something that was yellow and hurt like heck.  Clorox helped a lot on the sting but it itched and was swollen for days.  This is country USA!


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