Saturday, July 15, 2006

It is hot but a beautiful morning never the less. 

I don't know why but you often find a negative atmosphere in these little depressed towns.  I guess that is the answer right there, depressed.  Some of the people are upbeat and doing things to make this a lovely little town.  They keep their lawns mowed, they plant flowers and trade seeds with others, they walk with their children and talk to their neighbors, they smile and wave, and do their jobs with a sense of accomplishment. 

Then there is: "It sure is hot, was hot yesterday, and will be hot tomorrow.  Never rains, guess we will all blow away,etc."  And strangely enough all those facts are probably true but it is the constant reaffirming the negative that is so tiring.

Our new neighbor seems to be very upbeat!  He has a positive about the business he bought and is planning some vast changes and improvements.  This is such  a welcome relief.  I have always been a goal oriented person and have to have that carrot out in front of see people with no carrot is really a terrible thing.

I know this is hard to believe, but when I went to water this morning my four legged engineers were on hand and available for consultation.  Of course the running water was interesting as were the leaves that floated in the stream of water.  But the testing of the water with paws and then flopping down in the trench where the water was only a trickle was absolutely funny. 

I cleaned out the frig........don't laugh...there were only a few science experiments there!  But because Jack is being so helpful I decided to change his water bottles to a more convenient place and make room for any lunch I might leave if I had to be away at meal time.   This happened one evening and my mom drove him nuts asking if he was ready to after this  he is on his own! lol

ONE OF THE THINGS I HAVE LEARNED: keep records and make time lines that you will need later.  Why is it when you have to visit a doctor for the first time they was a history that they never look at but still is required.  This time the time line is recorded in black and white in my place for important stuff!  Now I have been doing this stuff long enough to have learned this decades ago.....but you always think this time is the last time I will need to write all this stuff down but it isn't!!!!






lv2trnscrb said...

so true about writing down things to have for new doctors and also for ourselves; how quickly we forget things we thought we would never forget.


rachealcarol said...

Yay! for you saving the trees. Smiling at the four legged engineers. Rache