Thursday, July 20, 2006

Making decisions about voting............

Jack told me to be sure he had a quarter when we went to vote next Tuesday.  We don't have a valid drivers license but we are registered voters......oh well.

I asked why he needed a quarter( Jack seldom carries any $$$).  He said to vote! I have this stupid look on my face trying to figure out what one had to do with the other. Seeing the expression on my face....he laughed and went through the motions of throwing the quarter up and deciding heads or tails.  We know so few and   even though we have talked to lots of others about the candidates as well as some of the candidates there are numerous ones we have no idiea who THE TOSS OF A COIN!


lv2trnscrb said...

seems like a good system for me, LOL. The important thing is you are getting out to vote.

hope its cooler today in Oklahoma


rachealcarol said...

Lolol@Jack he has a wry humour.   Our access to disabled has doubled this past year and getting better and better, new laws and legislation are seeing to that but even so there are a few places that lag behind. Rache  

daddyleer said...

Patti and I seem to always have a blast when voting. You're lucky you only have two choices and can flip a coin. Try reading a list of 7 candidates to a legally blind person with NO short term memory and then ask them to "choose 4" <GRIN>