Sunday, July 23, 2006

It rained! Not a lot but I didn't have to water yesterday.  But this morning starts the routine with the waterhose and the cats! LOL

Interesting development!  This little town of 200 people including all the cats and dogs, has a pretty good volunteer fire department!  They are really volunteer, not even the water bill is given to them for their service.  However, they live close by. 

 One lives two or three houses to the west, the other about two or three houses to the east.    The acting fire chief lives behind us across the alley in the worst fire hazard in town (lol).  Anyway there was a fire in an adjacent lot by us. 

 Here farmers just buy a vacant lot and park their equipment that is no longer in use (aka junk).  There were three abandoned pickups and lots of farm equipment.  Well, there are two burned out cabs and some well blackened stuff out there now. 

We were laughing at the view from our house.  Anyway you look you see something you wish you didn't see.  But lately people have been cleaning up and fixing up.  Even the firechief has been cleaning up his piles of stuff.  He is also the town maintenance worker and has all the town equipment at his disposal.  Guess that helps a lot when  you see the town's equipment busy at his house.  I won't complain much cause they have mowed one of our empty lots that was between us and the fire.  I was glad to see that had the fire spread it probably would have been easily controlled on our lots.

The county deputy sheriff was there and both he and one of the neighbors decided it was kids smoking or firecrackers that we still have going off every evening.  Anyway when the firemen and firechief all live in a stone's throw it helps.  You can guess the cost of fire insurance with just a volunteer fire department.

With the rain, lightening, and thunder that gave us such a lovely display, the volunteer fire fighters and the city tanker went out to put out pasture fires.  City dwellers probably don't even think about the hazards out in the COUNTRY USA! lol

Tomorrow  we go to two doctors, starting at 8:30 for primary doctor and then driving an hour and a half to see cardo/vascular specialist for 1 pm appointment.  Have to have mother's lunch arranged so I don't worry about her.

Jack is back to working on his music.  I dug out the cases and cases of tapes and he is listening and planning what music to use, etc.  He hasn't used the program tapes for a long time and his breathing  exercises and scales are going to be a challenge.  But it will keep him out of pool halls and off the streets! lol   He needs some goals and projects to help him manage his pain and discomfort,  Maybe this will help...................Peace.




daddyleer said...

Hey the 2005 American Idol winner, Carrie Underwood, came out of the Oklahoma prairie ... so did Merle Haggard, Toby Keith, Garth Brooks, and stepping a bit further back Roger Miller, Patti Page, and Woodie Gutherie. Must be something in the prairie air that just makes you want to break out singing in a Broadway musical! <GRIN>
            "Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain
                      And the wavin' wheat can sure smell sweet
                       When the wind comes right behind the rain.

lv2trnscrb said...

that is good that you have the volunteer firemen so close by to where you live; glad you got some rain! Hope it is a continuing trend. I hope the appts go well tomorrow; I bet you'll be glad when you get established with all the doctors you need to so that you can get on just a follow up schedule and not have to go over histories, etc.

glad Jack is finding things and interests to help occupy his time