Saturday, July 8, 2006 bliss

I can't believe some days!  

 I believe I mentioned that Mother fell again and is a bit wobbly on her legs.  Sometimes a startling noise like a phone ringing can make her lose her balance.

Farmer's market today, we went last week and loaded up on fresh fruit and veggies.  It was a great outing and tastie as well.

We need to make a dry-run to Lawton to see about times, traffic, and locations of the doctor's offices that we will be visiting the week of the 17th. 

 The first is Pain Management.  That one will be interesting since they want to know what I do to help divert Jack's attention and help with the pain.  Some of the questions are rather invasive in my opinion but we will see.

One of the doctors is a cardio/vascular specialist and is touted to be the best in the area. 

The neurologist will also be the same week and has a great reputation.  So maybe somethings are looking up for us.

Mother's farm renter came by to discuss business yesterday and she is attempting to do this without a hearing occured to me that I was shouting and wondered why....sent her off to get ear piece!  I get tired being the record that goes  round and round and repeats,repeats, repeats, repeats repeatssss..................





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daddyleer said...

    I’ll give you an Amen on those invasive questions. …  Hey! Why not suggest that Jack enjoys ramming people with his scooter who are asking his wife dumb questions as pain management? <grin>  That should box them into a questionnaire corner.  
    Interesting observation about your Mom’s balance and a startling noise. I’ve noticed that when Patti “suddenly” is aware of a familiar voice outside her visually impaired range of vision that her ‘sudden’ attempt to focus seems to sometimes trigger vertigo like symptoms. Especially odd since she is in a wheelchair.
    I just finished a novel by Annie Proulx, “That Old Ace in the Hole”. Since the protagonist leaves the civilization of Denver for the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles, I couldn’t help but think of you all.