Friday, July 14, 2006

.........dirt from my nose to my toes!

The elm trees are really stressing out, losing their leaves, evicting the birds, ignoring the ants that crawl up their limbs......they are in a terrible plight!

Sssssssooooooo  I with help from the other residents of this house am going to water the trees! We have talked about the trees now for a week, but last night at 8:30 after I had bathed and prepared for an evening of relaxing, my mother decided we should drag the hoses out and water the trees.   She had already been to bed and decided to get up and do this thing!   Needless to say with advise from the sidewalk engineers, I went out and made a trench ( I like to call it a moat ) around the largest elm and started the water.   AND I sent my 87 year old mother back to bed content in the knowledge she had managed another project! LOL


However I found this morning the trickle of water wasn't going anywhere-----SOOOOOOOOO again I dug more on the trench( I had the help on site of several four legged helpers that proceeded to put the dirt back almost as quick as I dug it out). 

 Now I have three trenches around three trees and several muddy cats who think that running water is great to play in and rolling in the ditches is a quick cool off and fun place.

I am happy to report that my hubby has taken to taking his dirty dishes to the sink and getting his own cool drinks from the fridge. This power chair ~~~~~this house~~~~~this time~~~~~and the desire to save me dozens of steps has enpowered him to try lots of things.

Where we lived in California the layout of the house was not really condusive to him buzzing around much, and I really didn't need all the assistance.  Wow, I do need it now and he is coming through like a trooper.  Thanks Jack!


Jack sees me doing so many more things than I have not had to do in the past that it is stressing him out~~~~~and I love the way he is handling the stress! LOL  He even has talks with my mother telling her she better treat me good! LOL

Home nursing evaluator came this am and cleared Jack for another round of therapy and a couple of between visits so there will be continuity.  The nurse has been delayed several hours because they sent her to a patient quite some distance.  Anyway, so far it hasn't been a  bad day, and I will go play in the mud again!





lv2trnscrb said...

that must have been a sight to see the cats playing in mud; I would have thought they would have avoided it like the plaque. I remember when we lived in Montana and we had warm winters with little snow they advised people to water the trees because it was stressing them out too. You have the reverse; hoping for some relief for you all soon


daddyleer said...

    Wow! We have a water loving cat also, draining water is even more fun to her. She ready to fight any drain trying to take "her water". <grin>
    That's great how Jack is riding like the calvary to help.  It's got to feel good for both of you.