Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Perhaps we would all be more comfortable with a shower to cool off the Plains and to give drinks to the trees and grass.  The grass doesn't bother me but when the trees lose their leaves this early I become worried.

One of the things I have to do everyday is to water the plants we have put out since I got here.  Mother enjoyed the plants so much in the begin but it is so hot now she doesn't get out too much to look.

Perhaps this will become "Marigold House".  My plans are to surround the house with marigold as well as other flowers but the marigold seem to handle the hot sun so much better than other plants.   Even with constant watering the plants wilt down and look so sad.

Jack had a better day yesterday, morphine patch cut down on the percocet but then the morphine makes his nausea return with a vengeance.

I think tomorrow will be the last day for the therapist, not sure how they operate here.  Maybe they will re-evaluate Jack and start the program again.  The wounds are not healed but are better .

It is good to see Jack tooling around our wing of this house.   He has a couple of doors to look out of and can walk with his walker to the kitchen on somedays when the pain is under control.  If the contractor ever comes back with an estimate perhaps the new patio breakfast room will add to his enjoyment to being almost outdoors.  Going out is feasible when the weather is cooperative but not in this heat.  So a good view helps one feel not quite so closed in.

Mother had a bad night, the death of one of her peers has put her in a melancoly mood and she was restless all night.  This always means she is up early and not always functioning as well as she can. 

Walking with my broken toe has made me walk on my foot in an unusual way and now the foot hurts other than the toe.  I sometimes had hardly stand to put my foot down to walk, so staying off of it as much as I can.

Just looked at weather rain!








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