Tuesday, July 18, 2006

We had a wonderful "walk together" today.  Actually Jack slipped in 4 steps with the cane this morning.   I am upset that he tries this when I am otherwise tied up because it is dangerous in my opinion but I am fighting "city hall", so to speak.

Our trip to Lawton was long and hot, 106, but the doctor said he was doing fine and didn't need him at this point.  Just continue doing what we were doing and gave me full charge and responsibility of deciding how much and how often he would need medication for parkinson's.  Of course he must have realized how much experience I had with this cause he said mix 25/100 and 25/250  Sinemet and keep a balance on his needs.  And not to give him a certain number of pills just because a doctor said so, judge the need of the patient. This doctor is considered the best in the area and he truly made patients feel important, listened, asked questions, and gave up confidence.  Thanks, Dr. Renia!  This was an initial visit referred from our primary doctor and a little stressing, the distance, the heat, new building, had to find entrance, no handicap parking available,etc.  All these things can add up as all you well know.

Tomorrow we go for our VALID OKLAHOMA STATE DRIVERS LICENSE! lol  They make them right on the spot I am told, there is no test, no stress, no mess, and you walk out with a horrible picture but a piece of valid plastic.

Well, cross you fingers it cools off before morning.....peace in the Oklahoma plains and elsewhere!

And all you wonderful visitors, thanks for coming by, return as often as you like, it is so like having someone ring the door bell.



lv2trnscrb said...

so glad the visit went well; the doctor does seem like a caring compassionate physician; one that actually talks to and gets to know the patient rather than just goes by statistics or formularies.

Have fun getting your license tomorrow :)

Its cooled down some in Southern California (at least the part we are in; we are getting that famous ocean breeze that it is known for :)


rachealcarol said...

I like what your doctor said 'judge the need of the patient'.  Well done Jack on the steps it must boost his confidence a lot attempting them, this is probably why he's impatient to wait until you're not tied up.  Tavel in this heat is unbearable. Rache