Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Jack's legs are definitely on the mend!

This afternoon is predicted to be 107 degrees and we have an hour and a half drive to see a new doctor.  They called to remind yesterday between people arriving and departing. 

We have already had the therapist this morning and the rest of the time is "down time" since the afternoon is going to be stressing somewhat.

Jack has had some problems with focusing, he seems to be in a fog I suggested that he rest and maybe he would wake up.........hope this clears before I have to drag him out in the heat.

Blessings and peace from the plains to the  west and east coasts and the mountains between..................


lv2trnscrb said...

I hope the visit goes well and that it is not too stressing on both you and Jack


daddyleer said...

Isn't it a crime how one problem gets somewhat better like legs and then another pops up somewhere else like focus?

rachealcarol said...

Good news on Jacks legs.  It must be so disorienting when everything is like looking through a net curtain.  I hope the rest helped it. I see you had company in the trenches again.  Animals can amuse with no effort at all. Rache