Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Who are we, What are we,Where are we-----Jack and Sue in search for themselves.

The big mess over the driver's license really smacked Jack where he lives.

From being a Valid California Driver he became a medically  handicapped individual who doesn't even have an identity.  Sometimes I am surprised how he takes these situations.   Depressed is a good description I think.

The Highway Patrol didn't even have van accessible parking and only two little handicapped spaces.  Jack had to devan and invan out in the street or driveway.  Let's see should I turn them in to the Federal Government for not complying -------maybe I better wait till we get finished with everything! LOL

We are finding lots of places not wheelchair accessible or not van accessible, here in Oklahoma.  I had attended several hearings in California by a lawyer who was pushing accessibility.  At that time I was not as easily drawn into verbal confrontation as I am now.  I love telling businesses now, can't do business with you---you are not wheelchair accessible.  Peace..............

....I should listen to that myself! LOL


lv2trnscrb said...

Amazing years after the laws were supposed to be in effect there are still some places lacking in basic necessities like van accessible spaces - and a government office to boot. Bet they never even really thought of that; that is a shame in itself.


daddyleer said...

Once we finally owned a rampvan I discovered similar problems everywhere. Being a warrior I charged into battle only to discover that "rampvans" are viewed kind of like a privilege not a necessity in many regulations. "Van accessible" often means space for a traditional lift van and as you well know lift vans require much less space on the side than rampvans. Now in our case compared to how we used to struggle with a transfer board to get in and out of a car, even these obstacles haven’t become too negative yet. <grin>
    You mentioned the police not having a van accessible space, how about state of the art, Hershey Medical Center & Hospital where Patti goes for her neurology appointments? (the best medical facility that chocolate can buy <grin>) They also have no van accessible parking. When I asked, I was told to “please unload non-ambulatory patients at the front door.”
    Sometimes it feels like you are talking with aliens.