Monday, July 17, 2006

the Manitou Canel...........

Digging trenches has become a enormous project especially with the help of four legged engineers.  This morning I had the three babies out helping oversee the project.  Of course they aren't old enough to recognize and appreciate water in the form of rain....... this stuff out of a hose is fascinating and cool!  Ooh, by the way those were kitty babies about 3 months old.

Think those cats and kittens aren't therapy.  Everyone asked about the cats and the babies and did they get enough to eat and here is some milk I saved from my cereal,etc.   Jack makes his way to the door and patio to SEE what is happening with the cats.  When there isn't much else to watch they provide interesting and entertaining  amusements. 

Thank goodness for those running for office.  Today the nicest guy came to the door, came in and said he was running for office of_______and I asked him to sit because I had some questions for him.  He was out on 105 weather asking for votes .  Either he is crazy or working to win!   Well after talking to him he will get the vote of everyone in this house. LOL  But the neat thing was he was another person Jack knows here.     When you are new and lonesome everyone becomes a potential friend or at least a good acquaintance. 

Another visitor was one of mother's farm renters and he stayed for quite awhile.  I offered him ice tea and lunch and he said no to the lunch but yes to ice tea.  Later I reminded him I made a mean roast beef sandwich and he said could he have the roast  beef?  Interesting, I cut him three slices and he munched them right down with the ice tea.

  Here if anyone comes it is custom to offer them drink, food, meal if close to one, and it always provides an interesting experience.

We couldn't go to the doctor's appointment today, it was cancelled because we didn't have our valid OKLAHOMA drivers license.  LOL  We have valid California license but those don't count.  And there is no test just do the paper work and they m the license  right there on the spot!

Tomorrow we see doctor who will monitor jacks's parkinsons.  That should be fairly straight forward, no mention of drivers license. lol

Peace from the Oklahoma Plains to where ever you might be....................


daddyleer said...

What a creative use of visitors and politicians!

lv2trnscrb said...

Interesting the appt was cancelled because you didn't have an Oklahoma license. We still have to get our California license but still have the valid Montana one. I've been studying the handbook from California because I know I will have to take the written test.

That was one dedicated candidate to come and see people in 105 degree heat :)