Saturday, July 29, 2006

We had fun today.  Went to Sam's Club and tooled around for quite a while.  My mother went with us.  I took her a pillow to sit on and a bottle of cold water and she watched people while we shopped.  There is a place where people eat their lunch and she can sit there but the benches are hard, hense the pillow.

We bought lots of junk and some important stuff! lol  But we got out of the house and did something different.  The only problem is the gas we spend going that far at $3.00 a gallon! 

Our electric bill will be out of this world this month !  We have had to run the airconditioner and the additional unit night and day!  The nights are not cooling off and it is so hot and dry.  It did shower one evening this week but it was only a shower and if  you had been using soap, you would still be soapy!

Of course, 5:30 came and the cats gathered on the patio for tea.

 Of course we had the tea and they had yummy chow with a can of chicken dinner mixed in!  "Hisser Cat"(because she hisses instead of meowing) came much earlier and I gave her a can of sardines with oil that I purchased just for her.

  She injured her led this spring and a growth covers the leg and she cleans it off ever so often and then has a very painful leg for awhile.  I would take her to a vet but catching her would be a real trick.  She will let me get close and I have on occasion touched her gently but she is very skitish.  In fact one of mother's renters went to the garage to get some equipment that he keeps there she attacked him!  He came back and asked if we were keeping attack cats.  Of course her kittens were there.  I can only imagine the danger of trying to pick her up and put her in a carrier.  Perhaps in time she will trust me enough.  BUT SHE LOVED THE SARDINES!

The cats have adjurned from tea to the tree trenches for a cool evening in the damp soil under the trees and in the ditches.  We used to go sit in the "park" under the elm trees but it is too hot now to even go outside till much later in the evening.

My lawn mower has been quite contrary lately and I was told that engine starter would help me start the thing with much less frustration.  We will see!




lv2trnscrb said...

I bet it was an enjoyable excursion for one and all and if your mother is like me, I'm sure she enjoyed watching people. I have more fun watching people than doing about anything else.

Glad the cat got a special treat of sardines.

I know what you mean about high electric bills; but its summer so hopefully it will all even out in the long one. (until heating bills that is)


rachealcarol said...

My Mom likes people watching and then likes to tell me all, it's a good way of relaxing really.  Ouch!! for the seats, you need your comfort to watch folks.

I'm hoping the cat will get herself better, you're feeding her well, ferrel cats are independent little misses.

Cool nights......Ooooh I'd love one of those.  Take care. Rache