Thursday, July 27, 2006

Thursday............another hot day forecast with a hint of thunder showers!

Would love one of the lovely Oklahoma Summer Thunder Storms.  The thunder and lightening are spectacular and the showers are so wonderful for the thirsty earth.  We don't care for the severe storms where damage happens but the rain storms are really exciting.

It is 5:30 in the morning and the best part of the day, Jack and I have time to talk and think about what we will do today. 

  Yesterday was really spontaneous----the ambulance went flying up to our corner with siren blaring.  Thinking it was returning to the lady a block away (it was called yesterday for her), I was lamenting her condition when the ambulance went  north instead of south.  I told Jack that I wondered if it was another neighbor and decided I would get the car out and check.  Hee hee, I asked him if he wanted to go along, so pulled up to the door and let the ramp down and he rolled right in.  We found where the ambulance stopped and saw that the sheriff was there, too.  In California we got fire dept, police, ambulance, the whole support group.  Jack was laughing when we got home that his daughter in California would never believe that he was an ambulance chaser.  I said in a town this small, it had to be your neighbor and that wasn't ambulance chasing.

Later I drove by the place again and found a neighbor out in the yard and asked if she knew which family member went to the hospital, she didn't but  we got acquainted anyway.  In a town this size you need to know your neighbors.  While visiting another neighbor came by and said another ambulance had come and taken the first neighbor to the hospital.  Later in the morning, my mother and I went 10 miles to the hospital and checked on that neighbor and then boug groceries.

Felt really bad that I had neglected another cancer patient who lives several blocks away.  Went by and he was sitting in his garage breezeway.  His first words were : "Hey girl, haven't seen you in a long time."  Well, I take him pie or cake when I bake so I sat a minute and listened to his woes and then went home and brought him some lunch.  He said he had food but really didn't feel like fixing it because he usually fell while trying to do anything.  He said he hadn't eaten much in several days and my food really looked good cause he was hungry.  I admonished him to not ever go hungry, to call and we would share whatever we were eating.............I can't believe that his family here in town really neglect him.

Jack is doing more work on his music and contacting people by phone then in the past few months.  He called a favorite cousin in Penn. and she and her sister were coming to Dallas so will probably come by here.  He is excited thinking he might get a long visit with this tomboy cousin that he grew up with.

We also talked to an Uncle from Penn. who is now in a care facility in Somerset,  Pa. We always enjoyed  visiting them in their woodsy little cabin in the same area.  The place looked like he felled only enough trees for a clearing and the little house and garden area was so pleasant.  But his wife has sundowners disease so he moved into the same facility to be near her.

Time to go for the mail, daily routine, water, put out the trash for weekly collection, and see what I can get into today.  Thinking about painting lawn chairs and maybe cleaning in the barn....... ambitious?  Not very! lol

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lv2trnscrb said...

so glad Jack is keeping busy; hope his cousin does stop by and see you both on her trip to Texas