Tuesday, July 11, 2006

And the days become hotter and longer.............

Whether the days become longer in hours or just longer emotionally is a matter of debate.  I understand most of the things that are happening, yet the ability to handle varies from day to day.

I had that inner alarm to awaken this morning to find Jack having some uncomfortable situations which I tried to alleviate.  I doled out medication for pain , and Parkinson's  since his arm that has tremors hurt so badly.  This also demanded medication for nausea for the morphine.

Then Mother gets up at three and decides it is time to take a bath and clean her room,etc.  It is her house, her life, if she wants to do these things at 3am it is her choice but I felt the need to make coffee, go get the newspaper and generally stay awake and alert as she takes a tub bath in she ran into difficulties. 

 Now it is after 4 and too late to really go back to bed.  It is hot, has been gently raining but not cooling off at all, but becoming humid.

Actually the cats also decided it was time for a prebreakfast snack which I gave them because I am an easy touch.

It is interesting to see how well we are adjusting in some ways to this community.  We have visitors most days, someone bringing their pizza for our late night snack and then just sat and visited about California.  This person had lived close to where we had lived and enjoyed talking about restaurants and places to go. 

 Another was the Avon lady which I have started buying from for a number of reasons other than using Avon, she is knowledgable about the community, has an information system,(not gossip) and was helpful to Mother before we arrived.

Another was one of Mother's farm renters who came by to borrow and stayed and talked for hours with Jack.  A great boon to someone who seldom gets out.

The community responds to deaths  and funerals by providing means and various services and the need arose this week with the loss of another 97 year old resident.   This will be an event that we will participate in at some level.

Yesterday at the bank, the teller introduced herself as the daughter of the neighbors who just sold their home across the street from where we live.  She had been there when I provided boxes, etc. on Sunday.  It is a small world in country USA.  The buyer of that house will be moving in on Saturday and also operating the only real business in this town, a country store.

Mother is up and lights are blazing but I am hiding at the computer in the dark, so nice and private when you have only a screen lighted.  I decided to not attach the speakers when we moved because sometimes the temptation to have sound was not always compatable with the situation.

Well, it is 4:30.  Time to face the masses and start the day, therapist comes at 8 and then I have a list of things that need to be completed sometime today.  It is supposed to be 104 heat indext.  Turn up the air-conditioner and hide within the walls.  Blessings............


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daddyleer said...

Isn't that "inner alarm" or sixth sense amazing sometimes? I've always wondered if it's something a caregiver has all along or just kind of develops? It is critical because you can’t be caught sleeping at your post. <grin>