Thursday, July 13, 2006


Jack  has been taking on another responsibility.  Since he is using his  power chair instead of his wheel chair to sit in, he can scamper around our wing of the house more.  He is taking care of more of his personal things especially when I happen to be away.  He has been encouraging me to be gone longer lengths of time and this helps me as well as giving his esteme a big kick in the pants.  He could not do this with a walker or the wheel chair, so the power chair is really coming into its own!

The therapist was here for the last time, but the evaluator called and will be here tomorrow to see what we do next.  THE LEGS SEEM TO BE HEALING! This is a slow process but makes us really happy.


Just thought you would feel sorry for us! <smiles>  Gave the cats and kittens fresh cold water and early food tonight.  They dwell in a barn that is made of in part of metal so we keep fans and other aminities available for the cats! lol

Waiting for the rain in the plains..............


rachealcarol said...

That's good news......keep receiving more of it. Rache

lv2trnscrb said...

that's neat that the power chair is able to help your husband get some more self esteem and take over some more responsibility; I bet it helps both of you. 105 degrees! Oh my!!

hoping you get some of that needed rain soon