Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The great elm trees around the house makes for shade and the afternoons have been great in the shade of those trees. We just say we are going to the park and that is just what we do, we park in the shade.  I have been parking a little more since I broke my big toe.  Emergency room doctors just laughed and said we don't do anything for toes, take pain pills, ice on the foot and stay off of it as much as you can.  Ssssssssooooooooooo, I tried but be a caregiver for two and stay off your feet.  But this is the third week and am able to now wear shoes and take no pain pills now so will survive.

We had another visit to the new doctor and he is making some referrals for Jack.  The prescriptions went well again with no co-pays yet.  The therapist is great and he is well trained in wound care.  The nurse is a sweetie and took two kittens home with her.  Her kids were happy and she was also.  But she and the therapist work well together and things seem to be looking up.

Jack took a turn outside this week in the shade of the giant elms.  We had a contractor come out and give us an estimate on doing some things to the house.  Hope the estimate comes back with the right numbers and things can start.    Again these are changes and upsetting sometimes to the lady of the house until she understands what is happening.  When someone doesn't hear well, making them aware is sometimes difficult.  But I think we are making progress, I hope.

After the huge bull snake in the yard( looked like a rattler, acted like a rattler, coiled like a rattler) and the testing out of the twenty-two riffle by someone in town, everything else this week has been easy.

As I have said before.......this is culture shock---I would love a  good taco, without having to drive for an hour to get it and another hour home.


daddyleer said...

Wow! Oklahoma sounds like it’s got a bit of the Frontier still happening. Has Jack started wearing “chaps” when out riding the range on his scooter?  

analeighia said..., but I found that trying to keep up with him in Walmart Super Center with a broken toe isn't the easiest!  Those hover-rounds are faster that I am with my newest walk style. lol