Wednesday, July 19, 2006

We were up at four this morning because we wanted to be in Altus before 7 this morning.  That is the time the highway patrol opens for driver's licenses.  Well,  we were there. 

 The  doors are opened by Oklahoma City Headquarters and not local people, guess they close the same way! lol  Of course we waited till the tiny green light came on so we could enter.  The place was quite small considering all the neighboring cities  driver license examination and renewal offices had been closed.  Anyway the computers were DOWN.  This is the link with Boston so they can check  to see if we are federal felons?  I think something like that.  Anyway they did  what they called  a file  and messed around till 8:15 and  after that time they said Jack would have to have a physical by a doctor because he didn't lie.  He said he had Parkinson's but a very minimal condition.   WE SHOULD HAVE LIED!  Now if you remember Jack couldn't see one doctor because he didn't have a valid Oklahoma Driver's License.  Now he must see his primary care doctor to get a physical before he can get a license to see another doctor?????

We  went to Denny's and had some breakfast and came  back just as the computers came up.  I got my paper work and went to the TAG OFFICE  to have my license finished and made.

While at Denny's  my husband observed a little lady obviously up in possible late 80 or early 90's and she was so cold.  She was sitting in the path of an airconditoner.  The man and woman with her were oblivious to her painfully cold condition.  He mentioned how uncomfortable she looked and  no one seemed concerned.  Oooooh wellllll, the caregiver in me went into action and to the van opening on of the bags we carry and pulled out a rather worn but clean  blanket.  Went back in and offered it to the gentleman saying it wasn't pretty but was clean and warm.  I said we didn't need it back but the lady was obviously cold.  He ASKED her would you like to have something around you? She was only able to nod without shaking.  What planet are people from?  They were only aware of their own comfort.  Not regular caregivers for sure!

 At the tag office they did all the same stuff again, asked for 4.00 and began to generate plastic.  I asked about handicap tags and they said they were useless because we had to have a placard.  In california you have handicap license tags and then you don't have to always have that placard which I often forget to hang up.

Anyway we give them 50 dollars and they gave up Oklahoma car tags with a 35 dollar discount because our van has a ramp.  I asked what do we do about handicap parking until we get placard and the agent asked if we didn't have an old one.  Well, I did have a California one that is good till June of 2007.  At least that will get us through.  But had more paper work to be signed by a doctor.


We made a stop at the doctor's office and left the stack of paper work and said we would pick it up and mail it on Monday at the regular office appointmemt;

Fixed lunch for mother when I got home and the rest of the day should be a SNAP! lol

Peace  and cool weather to all of  you!

Those of you who have been visiting thanks. I can't respond because of a  pop-up block.   Just wanted to say thanks and  would like to know more about you, sue.


daddyleer said...

    We had similar madness moving between Maryland and Pennsylvania. <grin>   Each state just has to have its own quirks when it comes to accessibility regulations. Fortunately since they are “adjacent” states we discovered that doctors can fill out forms for either state, so we just had Patti’s Maryland doctors certify her disability for Pennsylvania. … and Patti had willingly given up her driver’s license years ago and only held an “age of majority” card. Homeland Security was just beginning to kick in and EVERYONE has to have something to prove who they are.
    Interesting call on the when to get involved. I know when we are out with Patti and if she has a flare up of Emotional Lability symptoms, there are times I have to briefly physically restrain her arms from slapping or throwing things or momentarily cover her mouth with my hand to quiet a foul and abusive outburst. And I always wonder what I would do if someone tried to interfere.
    YOU can do no wrong in my book! "I am not worthy" <grin>

lv2trnscrb said...

what a day you had. At least the vehicle didn't have to get smog checked like in California, right? (dreading doing that myself).  I can only hope the rest of the procedures that need to be done to get Jack licensed and the handicap placard go smoothly.

I would have probably intervened too with the lady who was uncomfortable. It was very considerate of Jack to notice and for you to step in and help her to feel better.