Thursday, July 27, 2006

The hint of thunder showers was only a hint!

There is a breeze and the sun is bright making all the wonderful shade trees so welcome.  I see so often the neighbor animals wandering into our yard stopping at anyone of the five watering holes that we have.

Jack was out in the yard this morning helping me get the lawn mower started.  Glad he has strong arms, because sometimes I get tired of pulling on the cord. Yesterday was so much fun doing things without planning, that we tried some different activities today, like Jack going outside to help.  He seldom goes out because the heat and humidity are so high.

Waiting for the visiting nurse to arrive, and after that?????Who can tell!

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rachealcarol said...

I think I'd be the same at pulling a cord, think I might even give up after three goes, glad Jack has the knack.  The hot weather is so draining, animals are feeling it too.  Hope the nurses visit went well. Rache