Sunday, July 23, 2006

another crisis.............

The power chair won't take a charge.........have appointments with two doctors tomorrow.   

Which do I cancel first? 

 Where do I get new batteries installed in chair? 

 Where can I run away and hide and not handle yet another crisis?

Why don't power chairs tell you when they need new batteries?

Oh well tomorrow is another day!




daddyleer said...

I feel your pain. Patti's Rascal Scooter used to eat those rechargeable batteries, and like you say there is no "battery is dying" warning light. Surprisingly we found them more available than we believed once we stopped depending on Rascal company. Batteries R Us or something like that. With all the machinery around you there may be more battery stores than you realize. ... A new pair of rechargeable batteries became kind of a traditional birthday gift <grin>

lv2trnscrb said...

so sorry; that doesn't sound good. Hoping you can get the batteries charged or fixed soon


rachealcarol said...

Hope the appointments go well.  Seems silly the chair doesn't have a low battery indicator.  Rache