Wednesday, August 9, 2006


This is my mother's house.

If she wishes to start cleaning and sweeping at 6 in the morning, then who am I to say otherwise.  Except she doesn't see well, and turns on LOTS of extra lights, and the broom is not quiet as it bumps the corners, ceiling, behind the doors,etc.  As I said it is her house.

Now the cats are aware that the "peoples" are up and food is forth coming.  And to express their joy and expectations they start the chorus of "meow" with all voices joining in.


Of course I have been awake since 3am.  Full moon!

She was annoyed that I did not wake her at 3, needless to say I tried to explain I had planned on going back to sleep, not staying up.  

 I need quiet time that is MINE!

Well, the day has started and without Jack to make my laugh over the circumstances, I just could not do this.  He is so wise, patient,  full of compassion, and so caring about me as well as my mother.

I am blessed with a really great helpmate!

Thanks, I needed to whine!



lv2trnscrb said...

that's why journals are a great place to write anything and everything in a safe place. I can understand why you would want some quiet time. So neat that after all your years together that your love for Jack is so obvious and you still enjoy being around him :)


rachealcarol said...

.......everyone needs a little 'my space' and who else but friends would understand sigh!! moments and Jack of course, he's part of your smile.

Well!!! your day started with a sing song and a full else can say that.  It's hard sharing a house, ups and downs happen, you handle them very well. Rache