Saturday, August 12, 2006

The rest of the story.........................

The question was asked:  Why did the cat bite Jack?

We had no idea, Jack was riding by in his power chair, the cat was laying on a chair near the doorway that Jack was going through.  The cat just reached over and bit Jack on the hand that was operating the power chair.  Jack was not touching the cat, teasing the cat, in anyway interacting with the cat.........we have no idea.

However the cat doesn't like noise and at the time there were raised voices in the kitchen.  My mother won't wear her hearing aid unless it is an extreme necessity!  She had gone to bed and had gotten up and come in the kitchen to see what all the "banging" was!  Now she can't hear  what you are saying to her BUT  she CAN  hear  the least little noise!  I explained that it was the sliding screen door that I had been closing . It was off the track and I was having problems getting it closed.  The patio is next to her room.


Well, the cat was in "our room" and I think he was getting aggitated with the noise and Jack just happened to be the nearest source.  Anyway Jack had the bloody hand and it took two hours to calm my mother down as she went into the I am so sorry MODE.  

Of course Jack and I had to be the ones to suffer the consequences.  Thank goodness the outing helped and Jack's blood pressure was good when the two nurses came in the afternoon. Their visits coincided with each other although the purposes were different.

And that is the rest of the story........two women in one house is a volitile situation! LOL

Another day has begun and I am ready to dance to the piper!   Peace.........


daddyleer said...

    Interesting because our cats despise Patti's scooter but have always accepted her wheelchair. My theory is that in a cat's world view, the scooter belongs to the same species as the dreaded vacum cleaner. <grin>
    How you handle double caregiving is unimaginable. You're awesome!

lv2trnscrb said...

I can see why the cat would have acted in this way; animals do pick up on stress or change in routine.

my hope is that today is a better day for you all