Thursday, August 3, 2006

What a lovely day!

No rain but a forecast which gives hope.

Therapist helped Jack in his walk this morning and together they decided the straight cane was the best tool for Jack to use.

The wounds on his legs are significantly better.

Schwan's man brought happy food and announced he will go on vacation now!

Insurance broker brought the certificates for my LONG TERM CARE insurance.  I am reading too many horror stories and decided  a couple of months ago that I needed the long term care insurance.  Jack's health and age prevented his acquisition of such care.  Mother has insurance that takes care of her in the home.( She is 87 and takes no prescription drugs or is under the care of a doctor and of course with me here she has not needed to activate her insurance--but her agent wants her to begin using it.)  I want my daughter to have this help when I reach the age of needing some additional care.

The home nurse comes this afternoon at 2 and then we hope it clouds up and gives the trees and grass a bath.  Our poor trees and grass are suffering greatly even tho I have watered some of the trees I am not sure that  the trees recognize my efforts.  However, the cats enjoy the damp earth around the trees as they take advantage of the "park" in the afternoon and evenings.

After Jack's 10 step walk yesterday, he managed 9 this morning for the therapist.  But decided that the pain medication was needed a little early and is taking a brief rest before the nurse comes.  Mother took us out to lunch (this means picking up lunch at the senior citizens center in the town 10 miles away) As I have said before no real restaurants in the area that have wheelchair accessibility, and those that do are too far away.

Peace and a good afternoon for all of you....those of you who stop by...your comments ARE really appreciated. Mickey and Bob, Happy Antiversary!




daddyleer said...

I guess it is not surprising that caregviers consciously act to prevent or at least reduce their children ever having to face the challenges. So many of Patti and my decisions have been geared to insure our daughter will have better options.

lv2trnscrb said...

your mother has amazing health in that she is 87 and takes no drugs, wow! that's almost unheard of in today's society.

It is a beautiful day in So. California; overcast, ocean breeze and about 75 degrees out.

take care;


rachealcarol said...

Jacks doing well, slow and sure is always best. I'm sure those trees appreciate your efforts, without you they'd be looking sorry for themselves by now.  Your Mum is superb, what a wonderful age, she must have some very wise advice to give that only comes with age.  Hope it went ok with the nurse. Rache