Friday, August 18, 2006

What is it with my toes?

A wasp stung me twice on my right foot  right at my big toe.

Clorox is good but it started hurting and itching in the night, lacking anything that would do any good....... I resorted to toothpaste that worked for a while.

I got up at 2:30am and it was a long day of a bothersome toe.

All day I was bothered with pain, itching, and the annoying discomfort. 

Lanacane spray that my mother found last night worked wonders and I had a good night's sleep.

I baked a frozen pizza yesterday.........of course half of it sits quietly in the refrig....wonder if cats like pizza?  Mother tasted and decided that pizza was not one of her favorites! LOL I already knew that.  She had chicken, green beans, salad, mashed potatoes and gravy, and peaches for her lunch.

Some days I prepare so many different meals.  This morning jack and I had  cinnamon rolls for a change.  Mother wanted pancakes, and she got pancakes with the edges crispy like she likes them.

Our little country store is trying so many things to get people to stop and buy.  Today they are starting bar-be-que sandwiches.  We might try that.  They plan on starting pizza next week.  Hope they can find things that will make business good.  Gas is 3.01 here in Country USA.

We had a little water stand on our driveway so Jack and I had talked of a drain pipe to take the water to a tree (like Pat's idea).  I started to see how thick the grass was and how wet......I had help with one cat holding the hoe blade the other holding the handle. Igave uplest one of them would get hurt or the hoe would slip and get my foot.....goodness not a toe hurt! lol.......I retreated and they decided that I had graciously prepared "bathroom" facilities for them.



rachealcarol said...

Ouch!!! for the wasp sting, one thing that I'm afraid of, and you have really big ones over there.  Have written all those things down you've mentioned as a cure as a just in case :)  When u can juggle food cooking like that you're a chef.

Lol@ the cats. Rache

daddyleer said...

10% less a gallon for gas in Pennsylvania  ... Benadryl always works for me if stung, I know its not a down home remedy. <grin> I talked to a apiary worker once who swore by fresh cut onions as the best thing for a sting. ???