Saturday, August 26, 2006

I wish I had the facilities for putting pictures in this journal.

Today we went to a local small town fair.  This is not a county fair but a town fair.  We missed the jams and jellies on Friday because we were not sure of the date, but a friend's grandson was showing livestock today and we made the effort to get to the "fair".

I think every pickup in the 25 mile radii had to be parked around one building in this small town.  It was really just a shelter with one side boarded up and the rest fenced.  There were bleachers for sitting but it was warm and we sat on the outside watching through the fence.  Actually Jack sat, I stood, and I seated Mother inside with her friend.

 Parking was random, you find a place grab it quick kind of random.  This was actually in a residential neighborhood and driveways were fair game. 

 We did see some beautiful cattle, not many but the highschool students and 4-H club members had prepared the animals and groomed them beautifully.  We saw  the "showing" of some of the cattle and the beginning of the sheep/lambs.  Some of the participants were both so small and young that you couldn't believe they were attempting to show.(one little girl looked like maybe kindergarten/1st grade and her lamb wasn't very old either)   

This event was truly family.  From the toddlers playing in the sandy walkway with his truck to the grandparents strutting around beaming their pride in their offspring. 

 The air was filled with animals voicing their disgruntled opinions of the morning's events, the microphone used by the judge, excited voices of the audience, and the usual traffic on the main highway nearby.  Because it was getting rather warm we didn't stay long but it was  an outing that we might try again for the county fair.

Our next stop before coming home was the "HOP and SACK".  Jack had not been in one of these convenience stores so we decided to see if there was something in the store we "needed". LOL  Of course we did come home with a bag of "stuff".

Here in the country----our outings are not too exciting, but we make our own fun!



daddyleer said...

We LOVE fairs! And actually the proximity of the livestock and animals enables Patti to "see" them. It's all "real" family fun compared to the usual high tech amusements. ... Love that name "Hop & Sack" <grin>

lv2trnscrb said...

I think it sounded like a wonderful day. Can you upload pictures from your camera onto your computer? If you can do that, then I can tell you how to put pictures in your journal. Let me know


rachealcarol said...

Sounds great, mingling with the animals. Awww for the lamb, I'd imagine she was very very proud of him. I love town fairs, so much to see. You had a lovely pleasant day, am very glad. Rache