Monday, August 14, 2006

........................Jack saw an advertisement on TV for deep brain stimulation treatment for Parkinson's Disease.  He was interested in keeping the information for future reference.  The clinic was in Cleveland.  I  picked up a recent magazine and handed it to him.  The  magazine cover story was about Michael J. Fox and his struggle with PD.  This treatment has electrodes implanted in the brain and a battery pack in the chest to send impulses to the brain to block  tremors and other symptoms.  Fox had had brain surgery and this treatment was preferred since no brain cells were destroyed.

At this point Jack's condition is considered minor or light to  the medical world but not to him.  We will keep this information available for the future.  So much is being done now with medical research.  It was interesting to also read that each case must individually be medicated and regulated by the patient.  Fox takes medication amounts on a "as needed basis" much as the doctor instructed me for Jack.  

Jack's physical condition included other medical problems and PD is only one of the rather minor ones.

I hear thunder..........yippiiiiiiii







rachealcarol said...

My you have a lot of clocks, I like the old fashioned ones that chime, but that many going off in one go would send me a little batty I think :)

Animals have acute hearing.....maybe the cat was trying to say 'earplugs please'.  I hope Jacks hand is ok anyway.

I've Michaels book on hold for me at the library when it comes in, I loved him as an actor and he does the voice overs for animation ones now.  Everyone is indivdual with different needs but I think we learn from those different ways and means, it's ever ongoing. Rache

daddyleer said...

Fascinating treatment concept. Michael J. Fox's public struggle with PD has certainly helped others and their families to know they are not alone.