Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Tuesday's Triumphs!!!!!!

Jack took 6 steps with a cane today!!!!!

He has been wanting to be able to get around with a cane especially in case of an emergency, and he is doing all kinds of exercises and strength building activities to get his legs working again.

He has a wonderful therapist that comes to the house twice a week. He also does wound care.  But they have been doing activities that will help Jack achieve his goal. 

This might not sound like much of an achievement to anyone who walks without a walker or cane......but this has been years in the process.  Several years ago Jack brought his cane on a trip back to Oklahoma because he felt he was close to walking.  But other problems came up and the walking took a "back burner"! 

Thank- you God, thank you Carter Home Care, and thank  you Brian Hillary.




rachealcarol said...

Well done Jack, way to go.......time for a little cellebration me thinks. You're brill!!! Rache

daddyleer said...

AWESOME! Maybe he's getting ready for a little soft shoe routine with his singing? The prairie seems to be bringing the best out in everyone!