Saturday, August 5, 2006

Saturday afternoon.................

Sunny and warm.

Jack just took another cane walk and is getting stronger.  He is sticking to 10 steps until those steps come with ease.  But he said he didn't get winded walking across the floor that way.  The "reacess" nurse had asked him about the ability to breathe after the walk.

We took a field trip this morning! lol  Loaded up and went to farmers market and a rummage sale, Christmas in August Gift Bazaar, and in general just has a great time.  Remember this is Country USA !  And some simple pleasures top the list.

I have found that the daily hose moving provides entertainment for some of the  younger cats.....they attack the hose and then ride from one flower  area to another.  I feel like I am pulling a couple of sacks of feed or something,, just the usual cat "hanger-oners".



daddyleer said...

Cats have the extraordinary ability to see the world for what it is - theirs. <grin> Take Patti's wheelchair as an example. Dogs, horses, even a fawn once investigate and at best find it strange, if not shy away. A cat on the other hand sees only a person with a permanent lap obviously meant for them to lay in, and climb right up.

lv2trnscrb said...

sounds like a great day :)


rachealcarol said...

Those cats know how to entertain :)

I love a rummage sale. Christmas!!..........don't those months role by.  Jack's doing very well. Rache