Wednesday, August 2, 2006

If you could not walk...............

What is this? 

July 24th I took Jack's  chair to have batteries put in, that wasn't the problem and a part was ordered.  The  store said  just a few days, definately by Friday, for sure by Monday.  They called yesterday.  Had the part.  I asked when could they install the part.  Well they would bring it out yesterday no later than this morning!

Bring it to us was their  idea!

It  is  almost 12 on Wednesday..................if you could not walk you would understand how much Jack needs that chair. 

 He went out with me to water this morning.  It  was great to have him outside with me. 

 We are getting into the red on the batteries and need the recharging part to recharge these brand new batteries. 

Where is that man????

Do I call and cry????

Do I call and ask nicely "where the heck are you?"

Do I just mark this up to customer service that really doesn't care except for the money they make????

Ok, so they want to come tomorrow does the therapist, the nurse, Schwan's delivery, and the agent for health insurance.

And  what does Jack  say?  He just shrugs his shoulders and smiles.

I want to kick something!

But I have a broken toe that still is mending!

Peace..............(the world will not stop if  the part is not installed today, but Jack will soon stop without the part. I am not learning patience, just frustration.  Like the  The Oklahoma Highway Patrol Office in Altus, Oklahoma, does not have handicap van parking.  You just unload passengers into the street!)





lv2trnscrb said...

I wonder how the people coming to fix Jack's chair and the Highway Patrol office would feel after they spent a day or two living the life you and Jack and other disabled people and their caregivers live and see what we take for granted is so complicated for you guys. I wonder if that would improve customer service and open people's eyes of what is missing to make life a little more bearable for others who are not as able bodied as they would like to be.

(((hugs to you)))


daddyleer said...

I know totally what you mean, and I've also seen the "shrug and smile" so many times. People who seem to not have any sense of urgency or need are "like us" physically but somehow wired differently.