Sunday, August 6, 2006

Sunday----all day! 9:30  till 10:30 in the morning while it is cool.

The rest of the day was relaxed.

You think this isn't Country USA......I asked mother what she would like most for lunch and she said beans and cornbread!  Will she ever get enough? LOL

So that is what we had Bar-be-cue/cornbread/ ranch beans/salad/ fresh local grown cantalope.

The cats tell the time, they start arriving between 4:30 and 5 to have afternoon tea.  As I have said before I have the ice tea, they have yummies. Today was sardines--especially for Hisser Cat because of her leg which looks bad but I can't touch her to take her to vet.  Others has small serving/ then meow mix/ then cold milk/ now tell me these cats are spoiled!

The family of "peoples" gather to watch the feline visitors eat then entertain with their individual personalities, though it is hot.  Now the cats are beginning to gather in the "park" when the hose is watering the trees.  Now I have to feed the peoples.....Peace and a pleasant evening to all of you.




lv2trnscrb said...

I think the cats are loved :)


rachealcarol said...

You're wonderful, you really do spoil the cats and the people now it seems.....they all enjoy their visits.  Sounds a pleasant day. Rache

daddyleer said...

"Bar-be-cue/cornbread/ ranch beans/salad/ fresh local grown cantalope" Let me get MapQuest out and see how long a drive Oklahoma is from Pennsylvania <grin> Patrick