Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Things we say.............

By the time I was signing Mom in at the doctor's office I was mentally pooped!  The receptionist asked if I was the new patient and I said, "No, I am her mother."  Well, I guess I gave them the first real laugh of the day!

Today is another busy day.  First will be our neighbor who cleans for us for a couple of hours.  She also is our neighborhood hotline, emotional support, Jack's chat and dust buddy, and as close a friend as we have developed here on the Oklahoma Prairie.

Then  mom's one hour aide who will do things directly related to Mom's comfort. Bathing, grooming, bed making, and that sort of thing.  They also read the obits in the paper, check the weather report, and in general start the day with a smile.

I expect Mom's nurse will check in about noon and give her a once over for the record.  This really is nice to have someone weekly giving her a clean bill of health so to speak.   I was glad yesterday when Mom was not running a temp and her blood pressure was normal after her flare up on the way to the doctor.

Later, Mom's therapist will check in to give her some exercises and help her with her walking.  She told me the other night that she wasn't going to use "that walker" because it was not hers!  I said that she was really correct because it was her husbands but it was the only one she had and he would be happy she was using it.  Wonder if that is why she refuses to use it much.............interesting!

On the subject of flowers:  Pink iris have burst into bloom and yellows are just about ready.  Next year we should have quite a bouquet of colors.  I need to space out some marigolds that are coming up in handfuls.  And the 4 o'clocks are also everywhere.  Some people hate the 4 o'clocks because they seem to take over but they are easily thinned out and always stand the heat and wind well.  I will get some ready to share with a neighbor who wants to get some flowers started.   This is the neighbor who details my car for an unbelieveable price and whose husband will put the repair part on Mom's car.  I know they need the extra $$$ as everyone in this town does, but making a bond with your neighbor inthis small town is so important.

I stopped at a nearby house where the moving signs were going on and said we need all the good people we can get in this town, I was sorry they were moving.  And I got a history lesson on the family that had lived here for a long time, a reason for the move, the new people moving in, and a cat story----all this for free!  Can you tell I work hard on this neighborhood thing!

Well it is almost 4:30am and time for me to try to sleep for awhile.........Peace  from Marigold Country Home.


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jckfrstross said...

hope the new neighbors are nice:) your days are so full wow again lol