Friday, April 18, 2008

So many plans..........

I have often gone to plan B, C, or even D but I am not sure which plan I am on now!

Wednesday was the day the cleaning neighbor was to come, the aide for Mom, the nurse and the therapist..................Well we got one out of 4!

Yesterday, we had another one of the 4 show up, along with Jack's wound therapist!

Called the neighbor to see if I had misunderstood when she was coming, and she said sometime maybe over the weekend.  The aide took Wednesday and Thursday off............maybe she will be here today and tomorrow?

Made 6 phone calls yesterday to people who should know about a funeral reception on Saturday but none were home.   But they all have those nasty things on their phones that tells them I called so was awakened twice last night with returned phone calls! 

I am providing a cake for a reception tomorrow......that is if someone picks one up.   Of course that is something I can't do.......but one of the calls back said "they" were picking it up today!  I can only hope none of the wires are crossed!

Weekend Peace from Marigold Country Home!




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paula933 said...

All that AND you bake?  Wow! I've been lurking, reading about your days and got worried last week when you skipped a few days. I'm a caregiver; husband with MS AND I'm one of those home health nurses.  So I'm learning a lot for both from you!  Thank you!!