Saturday, September 1, 2007


I am tired of taking mother to an emergency room with an emergency and having to wait and wait and wait.   Today I took her to the emergency and said." If there is a long wait I will take her to another town."  We saw the doctor, had shot,etc and was home in an hour.........this is a record for us.

I had to pick up a prescription at a pharmacy next door and they said it would be a hour......... I said give me back the prescription, my mother is 90 and she is in pain, I will take it to another town! 

It was filled immediately!.............Mother was bitten this morning by a scorpion.  Not a small one......I took it with me to emergency in a  bottle, since I knew they would say..........."Are you sure it was a scorpion?"  They pronounced the insect as IMPRESSIVE!

Well, she has done well, considering she said it was very painful, as well as the shot they gave her was painful!

 My husband is a very wise man........ I mentioned to him that she needed a bath ..and not really able anymore by herself.  Jack said to her, "You know the thing I always did when I came home from the hospital was take a good hot shower to take the hospital smell off of me.!  She said that is a great idea, I got her ready for a shower in Jack's handicap shower and she asked me to stay and help, this is a first!  She said she had never had anyone help her like this, and it felt strange that I had to do it."  I asked if it bothered her and she said no.  Another hurdle crossed in an easy way. THANKS JACK!

I might go out and mow some.........awfully tired however!




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jckfrstross said...

good for you in being assertive:) enjoy your weekend:) good thinking Jack what a sneaky way to get Mom to take a shower