Friday, September 7, 2007

Physically tired is so different from emotional fatigue!

Some days really turn out nice, even when you expect gray skies!

Rain has been predicted all day..............because we have had such a crop of grass this year.........everyone was rushing about mowing their  lawns before the rain so it would not be so high.   Well, this week I got all of the yard mowed, even some twice.  It does not need rain with the heavy dews in the morning.  But I mowed and mowed and had a wonderful time, all alone and nothing to disturb me except running out of gas in the mower.  Of course I had to replace three screws in the cord rotary housing.  I was surprised the whole thing didn't come off sooner..........I pulled the cord to start the mower and the whole top came off of the area that has the cord spool.....wonder what would have happened ...................????????????????

Anyway I found some screws and fixed it at least temporary.  And I happily mowed, trimmed rose bushes, trees and anything else in my way!

Tonight I am a physical tired which is so different from an emotional fatigue.

Peace and good coffee at Marigold Country Home.



jckfrstross said...

enjoy your weekend:) i get to do yard work tomorrow yuck lol


rachealcarol said...

I love the smell of gresh mown grass.  It is a different kind of tired......a nice tired :) Rache