Thursday, August 30, 2007

a hodgepodge of unimportant information

I talked earlier this spring about the blooms on the pecan tree.  Recently my husband said we needed to trim some limbs since they were hanging so low.......well low and behold they are loaded with heavy pecans.  I commented to a neighbor that maybe it would be a good year for pecans....and of course they said..."if the worms don't get to them first!"  Geesh, how they exploded my hopes!

But if I really don't appear to care.........last year we could get no one to pick them up and finally raked and paid someone to help me clean up the nuts from the grass.  Isn't it interesting that the kids would not even pick them up to have a nut war..........or even steal them to nibble on......what is this world coming to?  LOL

I would go get the equipment ready to mow tonight but can't leave since it is about an hour until what we call supper.  Mother sometimes slips off and goes to bed quite early and then I have to get her up for supper.  To save me the effort and frustration I think I will wait and mow a little later.

It rained again last night and there is standing water............bad mosquitoes!

Peace, tranquility, and Country Summer at Marigold Country Home!  It was a bit cooler today...going into Indian Summer.


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jckfrstross said...

pecans:) if i was closer i would help i love the nuts and we got some from a friend and i shelled them and then froze themhave a good friday