Sunday, September 16, 2007

Jack's repairs

The procedure went well, stint was put in where was a small amount of blockage.  Dr. said we were there and had the idea to fix if we saw anything to fix, so they did!

The after heart pictures showed great blood flow! Hopefully we can bring him home tomorrow!

Need sleep! Mom went to bed last night about 6 and got up at 10, dressed, made her bed, and woke me up with all the lights took me till 1 am to get her to decide to sit in the living room so I could turn out the lights and go back to bed.

At 2:30 I received a call from the hospital that Jack had had a bad nightmare and was confused about where he was and why and would they please call his wife because he thought that talking to me would help........I got him so spoiled!

At 2:40 I received a call from the same hospital to bring another catheter that Jack wears because the one he had was torn and needed to be replaced....I had to get Mother awake again and explain what was happening and what she could have easily for breakfast.......I have her spoiled to her pancake every morning!  smiles

I got to the hospital at 4 am, procedure was to be done at 9 and it was 12 before they got to him, emergencies always happen....I got home tonight at good night all.      Peace


jckfrstross said...

great news:) praying you can bring Jack home tomorrow


rachealcarol said...

Goodnight Sue, what a full day.  Best wishes for Jack, I hope you can bring him home today.  Rache