Monday, September 3, 2007

A really nice thing happened on the way to my day.........

Jack and I were getting things together to go to Lawton to Pain Management Doctor...........and we had visitors.   This was the man who mangages mother's land or least most of it.   He had had a water well dug and a new pump put in and needed a check for the services rendered by the well construction company.

While he was here he mentioned his wife was really down, her daugher moved out into her new house, and her daughter-in-law next door moved out into their new home and she was feeling really lonesome.  I had asked Mother what she was going to do......go with us and wait around or stay home where she would be comfortable........I asked if Cindy might come stay with Mother while we were gone.......called---and she would----and she did---- and we had a great stress free afternoon.   Not only that she said she would come back any time we needed to get away................a great help!  I really can't leave her very long at a time and we were gone 4 hours, an hour drive to.......see at Sam's Club and an hours drive home.  

Hey I said we live on the last frontier!

I gave Cindy a little check and she was happy, we were happy and relaxed and Mother had a great afternoon chatting,etc.

Peace at Marigold Country Home!


midwestvintage said...

How wonderful.  I am glad this nice thing happened at just the right time.


jckfrstross said...

great to have wonderful people to help out:)


daddyleer said...

How magical when you can actually match up two people with needs who can help each other. Don't you wish you could pull that rabbit out of the hat more often?
Caregivingly Yours, Patrick