Wednesday, August 1, 2007

rain rain rain rain rain rain

rain rain rain rain..........yep it rained again just when the little ponds were drying enough to mow! LOL

The last time the boy mowed he found a snake.....I asked what kind and he said dead!  LOL

The aide and nurse from the health care say we will have to wait to have a another recertification but I called and they said the doctor could ask for more time for mother.  She talked the whole time the aide and nurse were here today and I know she needs the mental sitmulation.

My friend who cleans came this morning and we got into all kinds of mischief with the cleaning and had a wonderful time.   We did the dining room fan and light fixture...because it had been a place where my stepfathers bed had been, and there were some broken globes.  These globes pieces had been saved and taped on the globes...We washed and glued the pieces together, I have been wanting to do this for ages!  We even grabbed the murphy wood soap and washed the kitchen cupboards.......yeah that was another I want to do this sometime!

Then when the aide and nurse came this afternoon the car was out and Jack and I went off to take our special break................Sonic makes great soft ice cream! (smiles)

Then the rains hit and did it ever rain! I would calculate several inches in an hour!  But the lightening was great, right over our heads and loud!  The power went off several times, altogether it was a great afternoon.

Peace and stay dry!

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jckfrstross said...

enjoy your thursday:)