Wednesday, August 29, 2007

When we expect the best in a day......................

I went to bed last night knowing that today would be a good day even if it promised to be busy.

My day started at a quarter to 4 this morning.  Mother got up before this time but Jack became worried and woke me because he thought Mother might have gotten up because she didn't feel good.

Oh she felt fine, all the lights were on, we were all awake and so were the feline fluzzies who hang out on our patio.  So of course I fed the four legged fur balls first.  Then poured Mother some coffee, got Jack's medication ready for him, made mother a pancake, made toast for Jack and I, and took a minute to drink a cup and gobble down the toast. About an hour later I told mother I was going to try to sleep some more and what would she do, and she said she would sit right there! LOL

Well, I did get a few more minutes of sleep and then just got up at 6 and let the day begin.   My neighbor who cleans for me would come in about 8:30 and together we have a good time cleaning or doing a project.  On Sunday afternoon, she and her son replaced the cupboard that had fallen earlier this year.  She laughed today and said well it is still up!

We talk a lot and I enjoy her so much and she is a real whiz when it comes to cleaning.  Today we did the panneling in the living room and generally dusted and cleaned there.

I had carried out the linens in Mother's room, cleaned the other areas, vacummed, and started the process there.  Kathy chased the cobwebs, spiders, and dust bunnies.  Together it looked pretty good and the exciting thing was that Mother didn't mind our being in HER ROOM.

Mother was ready for lunch early today! LOL and she ate a good bit......Her aide came this afternoon and did the nails, hair, and general grooming and the puzzle in the newspaper.  Mother just can't seem to get the words like she did earlier this year.

Jack's nurse called this afternoon and wanted to drop by, and Mother's RN came by the check on her.   We were having open house?  Anyway after my chat with the RN, she said she would fax the doctor a note and ask for a prescription for Mother to help her with memory. 

THIS IS WHAT MADE MY DAY GREAT!  The neighbor said.......with all you have in this house, it does not smell......that is something that I fight all the time.  And recently she said I don't even see any bugs in your house, flies yes but not any old nasty bugs.    Then Jack's nurse this afternoon said you are the greatest caregiver....and I said what do you mean?  She said you are so organized and have things together.  But I said you see that everyday.....she said No what I see is disorganization and confusion about giving help to a patient.   The RN also said with your mom, it isn't anything you are doing wrong or anything like that, it is age that is giving her problems right now and You can't fix that.   

If a caregiver gets a compliment they don't usually put much value on it unless it comes from someone whose observation they respect and value.  Today I felt like I had received a gift from these people who  gave me encouragement with their comments.


THE GREATEST COMPLIMENT I HAVE RECEIVED IN CARING WAS FROM OUR DOCTOR WHO SAID........" You really love your husband, it is so good to see you two together".

I hope your day had some bright moments, Mom is still sitting here dozing and I should encourage her to hit the sac and rest her bones, but she seems to have enjoyed drinking her coffee while I mess with the computer.  Tomorrow is another day with therapist and Schwans, and prescriptions, and errands, and housework, and maybe a bit of rain.

Peace from Marigold Country Home: mud colored brick, pewter comp shingle roof, three bedrooms and 2 baths, laundry room, very large living room and formal dining room.......with the handicap wing that is extended to a large den like room, roll in handicapped bath, safe room,  and extention on the original kitchen with sink, dishwasher, second refrig, and  sliding glass doors that open onto a patio.   The two car garage has another refrig and another freezer to match the one in the laundry room...........when I clean I have a lot of space to cover and Jack and I only occupy the handicap wing because of the placement of furniture Jack can not get into the rest of the house, unless he would go outside across the lawn and in the front door.  Hee hee that is a trip in itself. 

This was a long post..............sorry, to bore you but I felt like chatting.

Again, Peace!

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