Monday, July 30, 2007

The beauty of each day...............

Into each day some rain must fall.....and it did shower last night.  It was our first for a while and it will be a bit muggy today.

But the sun will come up and brighten even the dullest of startings.  I am sure I will rue the day I started feeding the neighborhood strays but they offer their affection and playfulness for the small price of some food.

We have one little abandoned scrap of feminine feline fur......she is a Scrapper and she has managed to survive much in her brief life time.  I hope she will mature into a toe biting, cover hiding, rude awakening, snuggling bit of love for a companion.  We will see.

I thank God each morning for the day ahead and the challenges that will present themselves.  I am not always gracious for those bumps in the road but manage to get over them in some semblance of order.

It is with great HOPE.........

 that we will get some more time with aides and other help that I face this week.  I made several calls last week, and plan to follow up this week.  Mother has lifetime home care insurance, we just need to get it started finally.  As all things go.....the doctor didn't understand or just made a big boo boo that he apologized for and we hope will be corrected soon.  The agency that is doing the care is very cooperative and understandably want to give the care.  Now there will always be paper work!

Jack's pain level is increasing but his sense of humor is fine.   His help in letting me nap or sleep undisturbed is so appreciated.  He does all he possibly can for himself and sometimes goes without attention when I am snowed under.  But he doesn't complain.  We may have some home care for his leg wounds and that would be good, too.

This household finally has a couple of extra hours of help each week.  A neighbor who helped me with mother in the bathtub some time back will be coming each week to do some of the little house cleaning that goes  into the "sometime" category.

I keep making lists and they get longer then mysteriously get lost and I start new ones.   Priorities change and lose their importance, then new ones arise.

One of the things I am going to give myself this week is time to write letters catch up on paper work.  If only 30 minutes a day, I would remove a lot of things from my list! LOL

Peace to all from Marigold Country Home.   One of the things I am considering this year is informing all the people we have exchanged gifts with each year to eliminate that part of the Christmas preparations.  I don't  have time to shop and would like the holidays to mean something beside stress in that area.  I would like to entertain even but I think that might be out of the question by Christmas.

All of you.......have a wonderful week! Take time to smell that coffee brewing, look at the wildflowers, laugh at an animals antics, and hug someone you love!







daddyleer said...

YOU are an inspiration!
Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

jckfrstross said...

you amaze me:) enjoy your week


instrep1 said...

so glad that the sun shines in between your rain! instrep1