Thursday, August 16, 2007

How can I tell?

Sometimes when I set down to write in this journal, things come out that I don't expect.........then I erase those and realize that my attitude isn't always positive but positively bad! LOL

Yesterday was a great day!   The gal that helps me for 2 hours on Wednesdays  came and we unwrapped my very large pictures and antique mirror and decided where to hand them...........but first we "unloaded" a cupboard/bookcase and move the big old heavy thing to a new place in the room.  Then we reloaded the whole thing.

After the pictures were hung we decided the room was definiately improved......looked bigger and much more light and airy.   Pictures help you feel at home where ever you are.   One of the large pictures was a painting given to me of Cherry Valley in California...........we only lived a stone's throw from there......that helps me with the homesick feeling I get sometimes for what was.

What a room that is homey, a bit clutered, and definately much more comfortable.  I moved my chair closer to the ceiling fan and airconditioning vents.  Where I was seemed to be a hot corner.   Now Jack and I are in chairs closer to each other and closer to the cooling system and the heating system in the winter.

Jack's home health care begins with the leg wounds will be wonderful.

Today is also Schwan's Day for home delivery of good stuff and we also are signing up for "Angel Food" which is a discount food distribution for Senior Citizens.  A friend is the local contact and I decided to try the service.  It is $25.00 a month for a selection of foods worth much more.  What we can't use we will share with others.  Since everything is here in town it will be easy to participate.

Ok! the floors are cloroxed! LOL The carpet vacummed!  And I am enjoying my coffee with the airconditioning going full blast.........we have a room airconditioner we well as the big house unit.....but it is too cold for mother so we set it on 80 and we sit down here in the south wing of the house where it is rather warm.  The south part of anything in Oklahoma is HOT!  So the room airconditioner is really our lifesaver!

I didn't even go get the mail yesterday.........what a crime!  Guess the car comes out and I will start the errands.  This is a busy day......take care all of you!

Peace but very hot here at Marigold Country Home!





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jckfrstross said...

the angel food thing is kinda like what my grandmom gets:) have a good week:) and stay cool praying for rain here