Saturday, August 4, 2007

The wonderful days of summer!

The rains have made the grass grow and the boy who mows will do so when the grass and ground is dry of the things on my list!

My marigolds are dying.......they turn white and keel over.......anyone have any ideas........I think it is too much water and the air cells around the roots are clogged with water! Oh well, who knows?

I did something to my left foot this week and the lazy days of trying to stay off of it is helping........but hard to do with so much responsibility.

Oklahoma's bridges according to the news are the worst in nation.....must remember to stay away from bridges.

Oh well with the way everything else is going, staying at home is the best bet!

We have run away twice this week...........once to get ice cream cone--another to get products at health store that had been ordered.   These 30 minute runs have been the joy of the week. 

This morning we were up at 12:30 a.m. doing emergency stuff and decided to run away.....of course we didn't but it was fun to dream.   In California we could have gone for coffee a mile away anytime in the 24 hours of a day.

Have fun.....hug a an animal....kiss a frog!

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jckfrstross said...

have a good week:)