Tuesday, November 20, 2007

early morning report.........

Abandoned kitties fed.  All four legged felines filled up.  These  animals are like my car..can fill it up but it doesn't stay full!

It isn't 5 yet but Jack helped me feed the monsters........they tend to want to enter the patio door and he watches to see that they all exit.  One ran over and sat in front of his chair to get special attention!  And guess what she did get just that!

We like our slow starting quiet mornings.  Jack has a piece of toast, juice, and medication.  I have lots of coffee and maybe toast. 

 Perhaps Mom won't get up till later.  Yesterday morning she was up by this time wanting her pancake and coffee.  Since she can't read a clock anymore she  usually gets up when she wakes up.

A neighbor told me last night that she had intended to bring us Thanksgiving dinner.  How nice........but when Mom was here alone no one brought her even a sandwich.  She had withdrawn into herself for several months and was forgotten. 

 We must not forget our elderly friends and neighbors.  They are like the abandoned kittens.  They need another kitten or cat to cozy up to to keep warm and alive.  One little bag of bones we named precious has been bathed by several other cats....that act of love and caring among the felines is what we need to see among humans.

Hydrogen Peroxide.....a wonderful tool in the kitchen and throughout the house to clean and disinfect!  Windows and mirrors, counter tops, stove tops, faucets and sink areas.........so have to get the bottle out and go for it now!

Peace in a clean Marigold Country Home! LOL



jckfrstross said...

so true about the elderly they should not be forgotten. i  do hope you all have a great thanksgiving


daddyleer said...

You made me laugh mentioning Hydrogen Peroxide and cats ... Years ago one of our cats got into a scrap with something. I put Hydrogen Peroxide on any cut or scrape so why not a cat's? ... Duh! Because the cat will lick it's own wound clean. About an hour later I heard this commotion in our yard over a rabbid cat? Needless to say Gizmo our cat who I had ministered to had licked his wound and hydrogen peroxide mixed with saliva had created one foaming mouthed cat. <grin> I then ended up putting hydrogen peroxide on my own scratches after cat wrestling to wash out his mouth. <grin>
Patrick   http://caregivinglyyours.com/