Saturday, June 23, 2007


 At least we home we have sunshine!  Right after the rain yesterday........quite a lot of rain in fact I went out and started trimming trees and bushes.  My work force of kids didn't make a show so I had the job by myself.   I actually was wading in water to trim and carry to the dumpster, but I have to keep that dumpster filled each week.

We found an abandoned kitten, which we fed the first time with an eye dropper since his efforts to lap the milk resulted in snorkleing....he was soaking wet after the storm, cold and weak.  Jack baby sat and I warmed milk, together we fed him.   We have continued to fed him and now he seems to be making it pretty good on his own.  It has taken up with the barn cats apparently and I have found him in the feeding pan licking it clean.  I will try to catch him later this morning and give him milk.

This kitten is small.  Fits in Jack's hand quite well.  Wonderful therapy for mother and Jack, and of course I am the cat lady! LOL

I started mowing last evening, and the neighbor brought her youngest down to teach him how to weed eat........the weedeater is just too big for him!  It is too long for me too, so I am looking for a much smaller/ shorter one with electric starter.

 Hope everyone has a pleasant weekend, Peace!


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