Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Another day.....................

Electricity off from 1 am until 12 noon today..........typical Oklahoma Summer Thunderstorm last night.  Lots of wind in the area but we were fortunate again to not get the brunt of the storm.

Mother did so much better today.......she enjoyed her lunch and we arrived home to find her happy and helpful.  Roller Coaster Days do make you nutz!

The eye check was good so we will do the other one next Tuesday.  Hope Mother continues to do well.  When she understands everything she does quite well, and  she has started to sing to herself.....I asked what she was doing... she said singing..... hee hee as if I didn't know.....and I said why?  She said because I am happy!  Gee, that made me happy, too!

Peace tonight at Marigold Country Home.


jckfrstross said...

wow no power for that long:( have a good weekend


rachealcarol said...

It's briliant everything is going better.  Smiling at your Mum singing.  Rollacoaster is a good word to use, sums some days up perfect :)  Good luck to Jack next week, it went so well at this one.  Rache