Tuesday, June 19, 2007

If my hair wasn't already gray............

I wrote  a long entry and then erased it..........sounded like lots of complaints.  Enough to say my mother did not handle being alone at home while I took Jack for eye surgery.

Sometimes I wonder if I can do this.  She gets ideas in her head and nothing will change them.  We returned home to find her crying because we had been home and left again and didn't tell her.........no so, some vehicle like ours must have been here and someone she thought was me got out..........etc., etc .,etc., etc.,  needless to say I had a headache in a hurry.

Much to my amazement the staff at the eye clinic were wonderful, experienced in dealing with bad hips and bad legs,etc., and helped Jack find a comfortable place on the oper. table so that he was able to relax.  I just can't believe that communication exists between phones and operating rooms.  The head nurse in the oper. room happened to be the one I spoke to a number of times by phone.   Yea!  Jack commented on how helpful she was and I passed the word on to the the lady on the phone.... I don't know her name but..... and the voice on the phone said..."it was me"!  She was pleased with the compliments.

Oh well, surprises do happen and so do miracles.  Jack is having some discomfort tonight.  But the nurse said that was normal and to take a pain reliever.   Hey percocet really works!

We follow up tomorrow............peace!


jckfrstross said...

sorry you are having problems with mom:( glad all went well with Jack and eye surgery its amazing what they can do now a days:) have a good hump day


daddyleer said...

Roller coaster days like this WILL drive you batty.

midwestvintage said...

 Glad the surgery went OK.   I have had moments like that with my MIL. When she gets it in her head she is totally convinced.  Makes it difficult.