Monday, June 25, 2007


No matter how well you plan, there is always a glitch in the works...............

Mother got up at 4 Sunday morning and I suggested that she go back to bed.  She got up about 7 and said she was really hungry.  I gave her orange juice because she seemed a little pale and wobbly.  Well, she sat and waited for her breakfast and meanwhile faded away a couple of times. 

She ate a few bites of breakfast and said she was so tired, so I got her back in bed and she went to sleep.   Now I am so well prepared usually but I wasn't prepared for her to be weak this morning so I continued to monitor her, did the kitchen and floors Clorox fix, and continued to do some little jobs.   Got Jack bathed and dressed,etc. and still wondering how mother was doing really.

  Still monitoring, she finally woke up and asked for something like a sandwich.   She bathed and got ready for Church.  While eating her sandwich, company arrived and stayed till noon. 

No church this morning.  When they change time, people think you are already home at 10:30 and don't hear you saying you are getting ready for church?  Well, she probably could not have handled it well anyway.

The rest of the day was more restful for her and I still monitored her.  She had a fever blister and aches and pains, so I guess it was something minor.  She seems so much better this morning. 

My mind was certainly working on OPTIONS yesterday, if she was ill enough to be taken to hospital, what would I do? 



jckfrstross said...

glad all is ok:) have a good week:)


midwestvintage said...

 I am going through that right now with my MIL.  Weak day, something serious or just more tired then usual.  Take care.


dearie43 said...

Stay strong Sue. God Bless All.  Carol