Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sirens and wind!  We were ready to take cover but the rains came and that was all!  We again were very fortunate and avoided a tornado, hail, high winds, and all the other things that were forcast!

Mother has encountered some medical problems since she entered the nursing facilities.  These circumstances or situations I would probably not recognised, and if I did would have had to make an appointment, then take mother to the doctor's appointment,etc.  But at the facility they immediately recognised the symptoms, call the doctor and started medication.  AGAIN I am grateful that she is there and getting good care.

With the stormy weather constantly forcast and the possibilities of loss of power, I cannot in good conscience think of bringing Mom back here.  She is safe and well cared for now.  I go almost every day, at different times to just check on things.  She always seems so glad to see me, and I don't stay long because she is usually going to or coming from some activity.

Mom smiled a lot today and looked the best she has in a long time.  I think she likes having so many people around her.

















paula933 said...

Glad to read you are safe from all those storms.  Be proud of yourself for doing so well by your mom!  Sounds like she's happy and enjoying all the activity.  It's a good thing that she's smiling and looking so good. It's because YOU did so good in taking care of her! Now you deserve some taking care of YOU time! I bet it just isn't in your nature to do something for yourself or to have "down time" where you just sit back and chill and do nothing, clear your mind and relax!  But I think you deserve to do just that!  

jckfrstross said...

glad there were no tornados for you all:) i am so glad your mom adjusted to the new place. and you have the peace of mind and also i hope you are getting some much needed rest. enjoy your weekend


daddyleer said...

As for all the people around ... Patti once quipped it was like being a rich person and having staff. <grin>

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick