Thursday, June 12, 2008

It is Thursday again............

It has been a busy week.  With Jack's daughter here to help we have accomplished a great deal.  Her original plan was to be with Jack while I hunted a place for Mom but that happened before she got here.  Her being here has been a great distraction so I didn't think about Mom and worry about her.

This is her last day and I know I am going to miss her greatly.  Jack has enjoyed her visit and they have spent lots of time together.  She makes him laugh and he needed lots of that.  She has also cooked for us.   She like my daugher likes to show off her skills and she is a good cook.  When either one or both are here I can stay out of the kitchen!

We have had the airconditioner repairman here to fix our room unit.  The exhaust fan broke and we had a new part overnighted and that was fixed Tuesday. 

 The plumber put in a new commode (tall size) in Mom's bathroom bringing it up to handicap standard.  We have been on his waiting list for sometime and he was scheduled to be here last Friday but we had to put him off till we had power and water.

A homeless dog had picked our house to park for a couple of weeks and I had named him----"get out of here dog", or so it would seem.  But the friend who helped with the power from the truck......fell for him and took him home to the farm with him.  Good for both of them!

The big fire across the alley from us has really upset the cat population and that is great.........we have less felines.  Maybe they looked at the mobile home that they dragged in a couple of days ago and decided on a better neighborhood.  Nothing has been cleaned up.....but the trailer is sitting there like a great boil on the neighborhood.

Today promises to be hot........need to feed the felines that are squatting about the yard........actually sitting not doing the other!  And then I will have another cup of coffee.





















jckfrstross said...

enjoy your weekend:)


daddyleer said...

Sue, you all have lived a lifetime and more in just a week or so. As always I am in awe. I know you will stay involved with your Mom as I know you will find peace with all this. My best to you, Jack, your Mom and the cast of thousands at Marigold Country Home!

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick