Friday, May 23, 2008


The doctor called today to tell me he wanted to prescribe an antibiotic for Jack and I asked for something for Mom's memory.

Then I got the same general counseling about finding a place for Mom so she would be well cared for and I would not be burned out and end up needing the care.  He understands the problem with the two to care for and he wants to keep me able to take care of one at least.

He said the thing that impressed him the first time we came to his office (three years ago) was the fact that when he wanted to see Jack's leg I sat in the floor, unwrapped the wound and then wrapped it up again.  I didn't understand why that was so rare, and he said he rarely saw wives caring for smelly, messy wounds, and certainly not sitting on the floor of the doctor's office.  He said we talked to each other differently than many of his patients, and  he hoped when he was married as long as we were that he and his wife were as caring for each other.  Tell me that this doctor isn't a rare jewel!

Anyway I have to begin to think about this caring thing in a different way.  First, I will find a place that will take Mom for a few days so I can get some rest and Jack and I can get away.......also if Jack had to have medical attention in a hospital I would need a place to put mom till we were home again.

If Mom needed the hospital care, Jack's daughter would come stay with him I think, she did when Mom had cancer surgery in February.  It seems I have to always have a back up for any situation.  Guess that is one of the things that makes me nervous at times.  Backups are sometimes not reliable.

This is the doctor who made a house call during his lunch break to tell Mom that she cancer and he would find someone who would fix it......and he did.

Peace of a sort reigns at Marigold Country House and Marigolds are starting to bloom!


jckfrstross said...

praying you find someone to take care of Mom:) enjoy your weekend


rachealcarol said...

He is a gem, genuine old fashioned care that's unfortunately not the case with most.  You're a gem too in the same way.

I like your plans, always good to know what's what in an emergency, and you do need rest and time with Jack as well. Rache