Saturday, March 28, 2009


Those of you in the east often see this white stuff but we don't get so much that we aren't a bit in awe at the clean beauty of snow.

But the darn stuff is cold and then it melts with the sleet and it is slick!

Jack is celebrating one month in the slammer! Or that is how he feels sometimes. I just called and said I would wait until the roads were safe before I came up to see him and he said take care of myself that he was snug as a bug. I asked about snow there and he said he could not see since his windows were frosted over. He has an excellent view of the interior court of the facility. There are birds, cats, people and interesting happenings there.

The resident has a visiting dog. Actually he belongs to the owners and since they are both working there or at least not at home, the dog has picked out a resident with a nice big blanket covered chair and sometimes does an over nighter. Darlene the resident came to the facilitiy with a broken hip and a pronouncement from the doctor that she probably would not walk much again. Well, she not only has recovered with the excellent care and help of the facility but is now helping others there. She has not returned to her home. She hasn't told me but I suspect she gave it up as well as her dogs and other pets. Now the visiting canine is her special friend.

Yesterday we tried a new adventure and visited a local restaurant with a handcap accessible rating...ha ha ha ha! Well we did get in and of course I had to use the suppliment I carry for thresholds that are too high. The place is "SWEET THANGS". No I didn't misspell that word. And it is as rednecked as it sounds. But their coffee, hot tea, and pecan pie are not too bad! And it was an outing, adventure, and we were out when the first rains hit! It hit like a raging storm and you couldn't see across the road. We left when we finished our repast and the rain had let up.

The day before we went to the HOBBY LOBBY. A place where you could spend a day and not see everything. There were having 50% off sale and things looked good. We bought some plastic easter eggs to stuff..... I have now stuffed 10 dozen for our church's Easter Egg Hunt. Of course I have made Jack stuff eggs, too!

The roads seem to be clearing so I am off to rescue the prisoner of Snyder! lol

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Patrick @ Caregivingly Yours said...

Not only do I envy you your snow but your threshold thingamagig. Like you I have no idea who or what comes up with these 'accessible' ratings.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick